About Us


SukJai Network was established in 2017 by a group of representatives from several mental health local and international organizations such as Cornerstone Counseling Foundation, The Well International, McGilvary College of Divinity, New Counseling Service and YWAM. Later on, in SukJai Meeting, Christian Counseling Association Thailand (CCAT) was initiated in order to serve and improve mental health field for Christian community in Thailand.

CCAT has been registered as an association in November 12, 2019 and endorsed by Asia Christian Counseling Assocaition (ACCA) in November 23, 2019.


To promote mental health and wholistic healing in Thai society through education and Christian counseling.

Christian Counseling Association Thailand has these objectives:

1) To increase opportunities for Christians and non-Christians who are impacted by psychological issues (e.g. stress from intensive and hurried lifestyles of society) to have access to qualified psychotherapy which has worldwide recognized standard.

2) To develop knowledge and skills in Christian counseling according to international standards by providing training at various levels, from prevention to the advanced level of psychotherapy services. Initially, this objective will begin with training for church leaders and staff who provide care for their members.

3) To promote research and develop knowledge as well as various skills in psychotherapy that are suitable for Thai people and Thai social context from mental health professionals in Thailand and from other countries.

4) To support and coordinate with various government agencies and non-government organizations in mental health services which will strengthen mental health for the Thai population.

5) To exchange knowledge and training resources in counseling/psychotherapy with professionals from other countries (especially, in the ASEAN countries) which will contribute to the support and cooperation in the collaboration between other Christian counseling associations in other countries.

6) To support Christian counselors in teaching, researching, and publishing materials that are relevant to the counseling context in Thailand.

7) To unify the dissemination of information of Christian counseling in Thailand.

8) To not be involved with politics.

9) To not have billiard tables.