Rex de Koning


Rex (a.k.a. Dick) de Koning, born 1955

  • In Service Training comparable to Bachelor Degree in General Nursing, RN
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Non Profit Institutions
  • Worked a Head of Department at Nursing Home and Elderly Home.
  • Worked as Field Director in Health Program of Refugee Care
  • Bachelor Degree in Pastoral Work, Teacher of Religion, Cross Culture
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Counseling for Clergy
  • Worked as Field Director for Mission Organization for 2 terms
  • Coordinator of Marriage Encounter Programs in Thailand since 2001
  • Worked as an Individual and Couple Counselor in NCS since 2001
  • Long term columnist in Magazine for Friends of Mental Health, Bangkok.
  • Leading a weekly Men’s Accountability Group
    • Clinical Experience: Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological and/or psychiatric issues in singles and couples.
    • Doing co-therapy with spouse in marriage counseling.
    • Leading marriage seminars in various cultures.
    • Talks and workshops for schools, businesses and communities.